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The New materialof Fabric and Yarn is enter the market

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The techniques come from Nanotechnology-research group in Taiwan University

1. We are the supplier to provide fully nano products.

2. We provide the girding techniques and schedules.

3. We are the consulting company that provide the application information and the design of the producs.

4. We provide the design, research, application and solve the problems in all Nanotechnology.

If you to know more, please entry the homepage of the brief introduction of the SD tech.


The high quality far infrared products which was verified by TFT

Far infrared has magical function in medical therapy which was find by Nasa. Our body was constructed by the water, protein, fat and so on. The Far infrared will develop 4 to 14- um wave length. This wave length will make molecular and atom of the skin oscillating. The oscillating energy was absorbed by the cell. It also mean the subcutaneous tissue, organic cell and water group will active that can be better the blood circulation and metabolism . The long-life Japanese has cooperated for a great project about health-care trend by using FIR. Near 30,000,000 people has confirmed this function that FIR can resonance with our body and organic tissue to obviate the body toxins. Indeed, The FIR textile products become the most verified terms in TFT.


The high-tech Sol-gel methods

The thin film and spin-coating method was made by sol-gel technology which can be applied in market mostly. The first pattern about the sol-gel techniques was taken by Jcnaer Glaswer Schott &Gen. in 1939 who used the immersed and coating method. In 1960s, the sol-gel techniques can be used in driving mirror, building trade industry, optical thin film, passivation thin film, flat film, sensors, high dielectric- constant thin film, low dielectric-constant thin film, nonorganic thin film, nonlinear thin film, phase transfer thin film, color-changed thin film, antielectric semiconductor thin film, superconductor thn film and so on.

The organic or nonorganic materials which were made in low temperature? can be got by sol-gel techniques. This? techniques? may provide the advantage thin film and spin coating methods to control the material composition, micro structure and functional group. Also, the sol-gel techniques give us lots application in industry.


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